It is school policy that our students wear correct school uniform at all times and we ask for the co-operation of parents in this regard.  We expect our students to wear our uniform in a manner that reflects our school’s personal pride and values.



  • Term 1 & Term 4 – Summer Uniform

  • Term 2 & Term 3 – Winter Uniform


  • Mon - Year 6

  • Tue - Year 3 & 4

  • Wed - Kinder & Year 5 

  • Thur - Year 1 & 2

  • Fri - Whole School


The following uniforms are available from:

  • School Office - School Bags, School hats, beanies and scarves

  • Albury Uniforms and Schoolwear - 6040 9381 - 1104 Mate Street, Albury

  • Lowes – 6021 0793 - 514 Olive Street, Albury

You can buy uniform items online from Lowes also. Click HERE to go directly to the Lowes website.

School Uniform Shop

The school operates a second hand uniform shop through which parents may purchase second-hand clothing. Purchasing pre-loved uniforms requires going to the office during school hours and payment in the form of cash only. The shop relies on donations of school uniforms, and they are always gratefully accepted. All proceeds from the Uniform Shop go to the school.  

Boys’ Summer Uniform 

Green short sleeved open-neck shirt, grey shorts and grey ankle socks. Black leather shoes. Holy Spirit School Hat.


Boys’ Winter Uniform 

Grey long trousers or grey shorts and light green short or long sleeved shirt (tucked in & top button done up).  Dark green with red striped tie. Grey jumper with Gold, Dark Green  & White trim.  Dark green soft-shell jacket. Grey socks and black leather shoes. Holy Spirit school hat (optional during the three winter months). School beanie or school scarf - optional.


Girls’ Summer Uniform 

Green and white checked dress or dark green skort with fawn short sleeved open neck shirt.  It is compulsory for dark green sports nix (not shorts) to be worn underneath. Short plain white socks and black shoes. Hair ribbons and clips should be dark green. Holy Spirit School Hat.


Girls’ Winter Uniform 

Dark green Tunic with fawn short or long sleeved school shirt (tucked in & top button done up) and fawn tights. Dark green and red striped tie. Dark green jumper with dark green and gold trim, dark green sports nix.  White socks and black leather shoes.  As an optional extra, girls may wear green trousers or dark green skort; THESE MUST BE AS PER STYLE CARRIED BY UNIFORM SHOPS. Dark green soft-shell jacket. Holy Spirit school hat (optional during the three winter months). School beanie or school scarf - optional.


All Year

Sport Uniforms for ALL Students: Dark green Holy Spirit sports shorts with emblem. Red Holy Spirit polo shirt with green & white panels and school crest. Short plain white socks. Dark green Holy Spirit tracksuit jacket with red & white panels and emblem. Dark green Holy Spirit tracksuit pants with emblem. Runners. The entire sports uniform is available to purchase from Lowes. 


School Hats 

The school hat is green with the school crest on the front. They can be purchased from the school office.

All children are to wear a school hat during Summer, Autumn and Spring, and also on days where the UV Index is 3 or above. It is suggested that children have their hats in their bags every day.  Our school policy on days where the UV Index is 3 or above is “No hat – Only play in the shade”.