Dear Parents,

We welcome and encourage people of the Lavington Parish and broader sectors of Albury to visit and judge the academic and professional standards of Holy Spirit school.

Parents often seek what is best for their children, even to the point of providing for them what they themselves have not received. Such is the characteristic quality of parental love: it is called self-giving love.

It is truly this form of parental love that seeks the ideal form of education for one’s children. The formation of children today builds the fabric of our society for tomorrow. Holy Spirit school aims to provide the best possible Christian education for your child in all formative domains: intellectual, musical, sporting, spiritual and relational. A comprehensive education is holistic by nature and provides for all aspects of the person.

In these days of uncertainty and instability, be it global or local, weather related or financial, genuine assistance and support is hard to find. Finding the right help for a particular issue or difficulty can be problematic and once found will be reliable? In short, your child deserves a holistic formation that boasts of fidelity and commitment.

Both of these qualities can be found at Holy Spirit School, The Staff and teachers are there to assist your child’s overall development from beginning to end. Such commitment and dedication is not due to the fact that this School is private but because it is Catholic. The School is an integral part of the catholic Parish and being of the faith it professes two of its hallmark qualities: it is apostolic and universal.

When we claim that the School is apostolic we assert that the Catholic faith we believe today is the same that Christ taught his twelve Apostles two thousand years ago. Although the medium and manner of communication will and does vary in time, the basic facts of faith do not. We today profess the same articles of the Creed, we live out the ten Commandments and are spiritually nourished via the seven Sacraments.

In addition, the apostolicity of this faith claims to be concerned with every child as a unique person, a gifted child of God, deserving of respect and loving care.  It is for this reason that the quality of teaching and support at Holy Spirit School is seen to be exceptional.

The School is also universal in its acceptance of different peoples, cultures and backgrounds. Indeed the word ‘catholic’ in Greek means universal. It is open to all who choose to believe in Christ and follow in his Ways. Such openness to others ensures that nobody is neglected or denied what they need to achieve in the best possible manner. It also seeks to unite what is common to all without lessening the integrity of truths being taught.

In making decisions for the future, we wish you all the best. Let us also assure you that the staff is available to answer any questions you may have, and if we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.