At Holy Spirit School we acknowledge the role of parents and the share of this responsibility they have entrusted to us as professional educators. Our staff understand that  trust and co-operation between home and school is of vital importance.

There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in helping at Holy Spirit School.  We encourage parental involvement by inviting parents to participate in:

- School Council

- Assemblies

- Assisting with classroom activities (Reading, Art, Physical Education)

- Twilight Carnival

- Excursions

- School Masses

- Sporting activities/Carnivals

- Information nights

- Social functions


- Uniform Shop

- Fundraising

While parents are always welcome at School, it should be understood that teachers are not free to interview parents during teaching or playground duty time.  It is hoped that when parents find it necessary to interrupt a class they will observe the customary courtesies and visit the office first.  When an interview with a teacher is required, an appointment should be made with the teacher so that the interview can be conducted outside teaching and learning times.

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