The Holy Spirit School canteen currently operates on Thursdays and Fridays. Children can order their lunch only on these days.

If your child wishes to purchase their lunch, please download the Qkr! mobile app. Qkr! (pronounced quicker) is a secure and easy way to order and pay for your child’s lunch from your phone, reducing the need to bring cash to school. Qkr delivers convenience as payments are made from a secure mobile app anywhere and at any time. Parents can copy lunch orders from one week to the next to save time and track transactions easily with online receipts that can be emailed if required. 

Until further notice, parents can still clearly write their child's name, class, and the item they wish to purchase on a brown paper bag or a purchased reusable lunch wallet but you are encouraged to start utilising the Qkr app. Correct money is appreciated for each order.

Click on the Qkr! buttons below to access the app and for a guide on how to use Qkr and seek answers to questions you may have using the app.                                                       

Please click on the PDF document below to view our canteen menu.